With custom security rules and zero-day vulnerability, we keep your website completely secured.

Enhanced Security & Reliability:

Be confident that your website is 100% secure with YourHosting247. We completely understand the need and importance of your data, so to give you more a secure and reliable environment, we cover everything from virus protection to data encryption.

Yourhosting247 Security Features:

  • Hosting Account Isolation: By using a container based approach, we restrict accounts to their own dedicated computing resources and secured virtual file systems (Secure vFS).
  • Linux Secure vFS: Developed at Kernel level, and in addition to our isolation technology, it provides our users their own virtualized file system. This helps to ensure that no user can see or access other account data and to protect them against malware or any other malicious activity.
  • Real Time Security Scanning: Using kernel level file tracking, our system can track any changed files and scan them for any malicious activity in real time. Utilizing Secure vFS framework, these changes can be immediately isolated to prevent against malware spreading.
  • Advanced Clustered Thread Analysis: Our system administrators use a combination of proprietary and third party apps to identify potential harmful attacks against our network to develop security rules before a problem occurs.
  • Pro Active Server Monitoring: To maintain 99.9% uptime, our system administrator can identify problems before they occur with the use of real time monitoring of all critical services.

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